Why I am a Men’s Rights Activist

People often ask me and many other MRA’s why they are men’s rights activists, and they take several guesses on why we would have such “insane” beliefs. I cannot answer that for them. Each MRA has had their own journey, and has their owns reasons. They may tell you, and they may not. Submitted for your approval, these are the reasons why I am a men’s rights activist.

But first, a few misconceptions and stereotypes out of the way. Am I misogyonist? Absolutely not; I know that not all women are like that. I respect women who respect me, and who respect themselves. If that’s too much to ask for, I’m sorry. Do I hate my mother? Actually, I hate my parents equally. Is it because I can’t get laid? I’m above my biological impulses. The main reason I am a men’s rights activist is because I see injustice and insanity in the whole of western society.

When Thomas James Ball self-immolates outside a family court, I know that not everything is as it seems[1]. When I look deep into the details and see his last words [2] I see nothing but horror. It’s like looking upon a wartorn battlefield seeing men of every different walk of life, good men, strong men meeting the same fate: their lives and their families torn apart by actions beyond their control. When eighty men choose to end their life every week (equates to about one every two and half hours), I can’t help but demand to know why.

When a victim of statuatory rape is forced to pay child support to his rapist[3], I want to bang my head against the wall. Then I wonder about all the other men and boys forced to pay child support to their rapists[4]. Were they laughed at? Do they still feel the scars? How do they deal with the unjust contempt that society thrusts upon them? It doesn’t stop there either. The system is so unbelievably broken[5] that a kindergartener could tell you that something’s wrong with it. In another case sperm donors were chased after for child support[6]. Guess that isn’t safe now either. I’m thoroughly confused. Is society this stupid? Or does it just hate humanity?

I’m tired of how men are treated in the media. I can’t stand another dumbass dad in the sitcom or commercial, or any other mainstream misandry[7][8]. I’ve seen it so much, that I can see even the sublest hints of it in the most unexpected places[9]. The domestic violence PSA’s perpetuate the (long-disproven) myth that only women are victims of domestic violence[10][11]. When a girl is hit, they spend the episode tracking down the bastard who did it; when a boy is kicked in the groin–a horribly painful experience–it’s accompanied by a laugh track and no punishment is ever sought. If children actually do imitate what they see on TV and the media watchdogs aren’t just pulling our legs, what are we teaching them? When merchandise is allowed to state proudly that “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” without public outrage I can’t help but feel slightly betrayed by society[12].

Education is another issue. I see rational women taking women’s studies courses and become imbued with sexism. And I see the next generation of boys being taught like socially-crippled females in a system that only benefits girls[13][14]. And when the S.C.U.M. (society for cutting up men) Manifesto[15] is read to school children in at least Sweden[16], and possibly in other parts of the world, I stand horrified. What comes next?

When a man gets his penis chopped off and thrown into the garbage disposal, the world laughs at him[17]. And when they attempt to apologize, they are unable through laughter. When a woman learns to build a chemical weapon, pours it over her husband, lights him on fire, and gets a medal for it… it chills me to my very soul[18].Male circumcision[19], a very painful operation is flicted on infant males when they are only a few weeks old. The ideas behind this, that it prevents mastrubation (no it doesn’t), that it’s hygenic (You know, cleaning behind my ears *has* been annoying, I think I’ll lob them off too), that women prefer them cut (Hey girls, guys like it when you cut your pinky finger off, just below the nail [It hurts less]), are ludicrous at best.

I hear the crime of paternity fraud[23] where a woman knowingly or suspects naming the wrong father. Such selfish behavior disgusts me. It’s never even prosecuted[24]. She damages three lives irrepairably: the biological father, the child, and the duped dad. But hey, what does she care? She can divorce him and then collect child support from father AND the duped dad win-win, right? Because all a man can ever be is a free ATM machine. Everyone knows that. Except, sometimes the father never learns and the woman keeps that damned dirty little secret until the day he dies. But hey, as long as women don’t have to take responsibility for anything, we’re all a hunky-dory bunch in western society. There are even more egregarious cases of this crap[25]. I’ve banged my head against the wall so much, it’s bleeding.

One of the most important things I want to do in my life is become a father, but there is a very real possibility that my future wife will divorce me, claim I’ve abused them no matter how improbable and ludicrous the allegation, and then I’ll never be able to see them again. Meanwhile their memory of me may be poisoned by vicious lies[26].

Maybe that won’t happen. And maybe if I go to war, I won’t get my head blown off by enemy soldiers. The point is: the risk is real enough and great enough to deter me from trying. Let me put this in perspective: imagine that someone had the power to take your children away from you on a no-fault basis and to add insult to injury you had to pay them for it. Happens to hundreds of thousands of men every year.

Is being a men’s rights activist is selfish? Yes. But so is getting in a life boat to escape a sinking ship. Oh wait, society would hate me for doing that too. Remember the Costa Concordia? Those damn men didn’t want to die, how evil of them. They were pushing around women and girls who, as they repeatedly told us “could be just as strong or stronger than any man or boy.” In the real world, beyond feminist fantasy-land, we call this EQUALITY. Women and children first? No. Never. Parents and children first, most definately! Since that rule has been around for centuries, we can gaurantee that fathers may have been seperated from their families because of it. But it’s their fault. They didn’t want to risk getting gun-downed trying to get onto the life boat.

I find my current position in life and odd one, and one that is rather gloomy. I see a tsunami–full of destruction, ready to crush me, my brothers, my sons, my sisters, and my daughters, everyone I know, along with the home and world I grew up in. It’s only going to get worse before it hits, and so I have decided to try to fight it; to stop the tsunami. I know I probably won’t succeed, at least not alone, but my only other option at this point is to pretend it doesn’t exist. A wise man, Martin Luther King Junior said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” And my sources tell me he was a pretty smart and cool guy. Another wise man, Mahatma Gandhi, once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I intend to do just that. And don’t tell me to man up; I just did.


2 thoughts on “Why I am a Men’s Rights Activist

  1. Well done with this article. Particularly liked the last sentence.

    It could be said that every man walks around with a metaphorical axe over his head, just waiting for one of many triggers that might allow it to fall. It’s not a comfortable way to live and is thankfully becoming untenable for more men every day.

  2. The only part you missed out for me is a bit about how fatherless children get treated in all this man hating like the story of the 6 year old boy (only) is charged with sexual assault for playing doctor.
    ThomasJamesBall.com wants to republish your works on his site! If you would be so kind, let us know!!

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